Sorting Bullets in WorkFlowy, Easy as 1-2-3

1. Zoom on a bullet.

2. Click on the sortWF bookmarklet or use the keyboard shortcut script.

3. Select a sort button and your list is automagically sorted.

Details, Schmeetails…

  • Only the zoom level children are sorted.
  • Grandchildren stay with their parents, but are not sorted.
  • Completed children are sorted, even when hidden.
  • Short lists will sort instantly. Lists of 100s of children may take a few seconds.
  • After sorting is complete, a banner message confirms the sort.
  • Undo the sort using WorkFlowy’s undo icon or keyboard shortcut.
  • For transparency, the bookmarklet will not sort if search is active.
  • To limit the load on WorkFlowy’s servers, the maximum number of children that can be sorted is 400.


  • Go here for the bookmarklet you can drag to your bookmarks bar.
  • To use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shft+S, you need a script manager like Tampermonkey, and then install this script.

Happy sorting, WorkFlowians!


18 thoughts on “Sorting Bullets in WorkFlowy, Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Bookmarklet doesn’t seem to be working.
    I see the following error in the console:
    ncaught ReferenceError: search is not defined
    at sortMe (:1:1423)
    at :1:2399
    sortMe @ VM870:1
    (anonymous) @ VM870:1


    1. Thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue; WorkFlowy made changes to their code base which broke the bookmarklet. I am communicating with them, and I’m hopeful the bookmarklet will work again in a future WorkFlowy release. Estimate a 1-2 weeks.


    1. Working for me. Try deleting your bookmarklet and install a new one. This was last updated a couple months ago. (2019-05-29) Unfortunately, bookmarklets are static, and you have to manually update them when stuff breaks.

      Also you can try my new WFx extension. The optional PowerPack has a whole bunch of useful scripts, replacing bookmarklets and the need for manual updates.


    1. EDIT: Found the bug, v3.4.1 should work now.

      Are you using the userscript? There seems to be an issue with keyboard listener. I installed a fresh copy of the bookmarklet and that works… so I recommend you convert to the bookmarklet for now until I can figure this out.


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