Quickly Create WorkFlowy Reminders in iOS with Siri

Ask WorkFlowy users what new features they want, and reminders is usually near the top of the list. With iOS 9, Siri gets some new functionality that makes creating WorkFlowy reminders a snap.

To use this tip you need to view WorkFlowy in iOS Safari and not the app. In iOS, there are lots of good reasons to use Safari for WorkFlowy (alongside the app), but that is a future blog post.

Here are the intricate instructions:

  • In Safari, zoom on the WorkFlowy bullet you want to be reminded about.
  • Tell Siri: “Remind me about this tomorrow 9 am”


  • When the reminder sounds, simply tap the Safari icon to jump to the WorkFlowy bullet.

Pretty awesome.


5 thoughts on “Quickly Create WorkFlowy Reminders in iOS with Siri

  1. Brilliant! I updated to iOS 9 just for this.

    The practical part of this for me is that sometimes I get tongue tied when I set reminders up via Siri. Now if you already have your task in WorkFlowy (since each list has it’s own URL – Amazing!) you don’t need to mention exactly what you need to be reminded about. Also, of course, Siri doesn’t do mixes of languages – which is often what my WorkFlowy tasks are comprised of. Now I’m free to be me, haha!

    Then there’s the whole benefit of one’s tasks containing other pertinent info. or even nested URLs to follow – access to all the outliner goodness we’re accustomed to.

    To build a better case, one could use the incredible cross-platform app, Sunrise Calendar, which pulls in events from Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, Trello, Evernote reminders (and hundreds of other apps)… and… …iOS Reminders. So you can see your iOS/ WorkFlowy reminders plotted out spatially on one consolidated calendar with the rest of your stuff. I do this already… but now WorkFlowy/ iOS reminders is the cherry on top!

    Just zoom into each task one at a time and tell Siri to remind you about each of them at whatever time or date… and they appear in Sunrise Calendar.

    Now try this on for size – WorkFlowy tasks can now become RECURRING REMINDERS – that’s built in to this setup! I like to recycle my tasks manually… but I could do this simultaneously and just tag the task or pop a unicode symbol in there to recognize that I’ve already got a reminder repeating at whatever interval (could mention the interval in a note or nested list):

    1. Zoom into a bullet/ list
    2. “Remind me about this every Tuesday at 9 am”/ “… every day at 10 pm”

    Those will automatically go into my Sunrise Calendar too 🙂 and you’ll see them repeated.

    One could have a dedicated list in WorkFlowy for recurring iOS reminders set up – or tag them (or not). This could be used for “Don’t break the chain!” habits… you could go to town on this.

    This works perfectly on my iPad, but not on my iPhone… Siri tells me, “Sorry I can’t remind you about the Safari app 😦


  2. This works in Android too, except it only adds the URL so you’ll have to do some manual edidting to make sense of the reminders.

    Zoom in to the place you want to make a reminder for in Chrome(on you phone). Copy said text. Say “OK Google: Remind me about this tomorrow morning” Google says “Ok!” And ask you if you want to save. Tap the name field of the reminde and paste. Thjen click save. If you


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