Clip To WorkFlowyBookmark websites in WorkFlowy. Create intra-WorkFlowy links too.
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WorkFlowy to Google CalendarAdd a WorkFlowy bullet to Google Calendar in two clicks.
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WorkFindy for WorkFlowySearch all of WorkFlowy from any website or Workflowy page.
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FlatFlowyFlatten search results in WorkFlowy.
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WorkFlowy Custom Tag ColorsCustomize tag colors by tag name.

WorkFlowy Hi-LiterConverts WorkFlowy’s underlined text feature into a hi-liter.

TagIndex for WorkFlowyCreate a tag index of all your WorkFlowy tags.
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WFcount BookmarkletCount stuff in WorkFlowy. Bullets, tags… even time!
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Sort Bullets in WorkFlowyZoom. Click. Sort bullets.
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Multi-Tagger BookmarkletAppend tags to bullets using WorkFlowy’s Multi-Select feature.

Find/Replace BookmarkletFind and replace tags and text.


Toggle Last TabToggles between your current and last tab. Handy with Clip To WorkFlowy!
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GCal AutoHideSee more Google Calendar. See toolbars only when you need them.
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Open in Instapaper TextOpen pages in Instapaper Text via the toolbar icon, keyboard shortcut, or right clicking links.
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4 Smart ShortcutsDefine custom keyboard shortcuts for four favorite sites. Goes to a matching tab first. Creates a new tab if none exist.
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Clip To DynalistBookmark websites in Dynalist. Markdown version.
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Clip To Dynalist NoteBookmark websites in Dynalist. non-Markdown, full URL in the note.
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