Tag Index Bookmarklet v1.5… Mo’ Better

Tag Index is by far my most popular bookmarklet, so I decided it could use a little love.

What is the Tag Index bookmarklet?

It simply creates a list of all your WorkFlowy tags from your entire outline, or confine things to just a bullet and its descendants. You paste the tag index into a bullet or note, giving you quick-clicking access to your tags via the index. Read about it in this WorkFlowy blog post.

The original version created the tag index in WorkFlowy’s search box… a hack to get around some restrictions. Specifically if your index was really big, it didn’t fit into Chrome’s JavaScript alert box… but enough of the technical mumbo-jumbo.

The new version uses WorkFlowy’s native alert, tag index in full view, ready to copy:

So now it’s: Activate. Copy. Close. Paste.

Mo’ better.

Click here to go to the Tag Index installation page


Clip To WorkFlowy GO

Here’s the latest version of the Clip To WorkFlowy Chrome extension: Clip To WorkFlowy GO. For now, there will be two versions. I need to make one of the new features optional, so until then there will be two versions of Clip To WorkFlowy. Read on to see which version is for you.

So What’s New?

Find Tab and Go

When you activate the extension, it copies the page title and url as usual, but now it looks at your open tabs, and automatically goes to the first WorkFlowy tab it finds. If none are found, it creates a new one and takes you there. Then paste where desired as before.

Note: If you use WorkFlowy in the Chrome app or a separate window, this feature may annoy you; stick with the current version. If you use multiple tabs in a single Chrome window, definitely go with Clip To WorkFlowy GO.

Toggle Last Tab

This toggles between your current and previous tabs. So after pasting your clip, activate your toggle shortcut, and quickly return your source page. This feature is independent of the clipper function; you may find it handy everywhere in Chrome. That said, the toggle code isn’t perfect; in a few specific scenarios it fails to properly identify the last tab. But when used in conjunction with Find Tab and Go, it should work properly every time.

Toggle Last Tab is available only by a keyboard shortcut you set in the Keyboard shortcuts link at the bottom of chrome://extensions. There are now two keyboard shortcuts to define. Activate the extension copies the title and url to the clipboard, and then goes to (or creates) your WorkFlowy tab.

What’s coming in the full release?

  • Option to turn off Find Tab and Go for WorkFlowy Chrome App users.
  • Selected Text. Any text selected on the page will be appended to the WorkFlowy note after the link.
  • Option to disable internal WorkFlowy link formatting.
  • Option to disable “tag neutering” in internal WorkFlowy links.

Get Clip To WorkFlowy GO here.

WorkFlowy to Google Calendar v2.0

My WorkFlowy to Google Calendar Chrome extension has updated to version 2.0 with some nice enhancements. WorkFlowy to Google Calendar let’s you quickly create Google Calendar events from WorkFlowy bullets.

Just zoom on a bullet, click the toolbar icon, and let Google Calendar’s Quick Add parser do the rest of the work:


Version 2.0 adds the following features:

Works on any webpage, not just WorkFlowy.

Select event info on any webpage and utilize Google Calendar’s powerful Quick Add parser to intelligently add events, and reduce the time you spend typing.


Keyboard Shortcut Capable!

Scroll to the bottom of chrome://extensions to define your own keyboard shortcut. (I use Alt+G) If desired, you can hide the extension icon in the toolbar by right clicking the icon and selecting “Hide in Chrome Menu”, and be done with all that pesky icon clicking. See Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome Extensions for more info.

Update Sept 10, 2016: Now with right click menu access too!

Add your event to any calendar on the first try!

Previously WorkFlowy to Google Calendar was restricted to your default calendar. In order to change calendars you had to save the event first, and then edit it again. Now you can change the calendar without having to edit the event twice.

The rest of WorkFlowy to Google Calendar’s goodness is still there.

  • Google Calendar’s powerful Quick Add parser automatically defines the what, where, and when.
  • Override the bullet or page title by selecting text on the page instead.
  • WorkFlowy to Google Calendar will always automatically put a handy link back to your WorkFlowy bullet (or webpage) in the event note.
  • A great way to create alarms for WorkFlowy items!

Head over to the Chrome Web Store for more details and installation. If you’ve already installed the extension, it will update automatically.

No Google Chrome? Get the bookmarklet version instead.

Time Tagging in WorkFlowy

Does any of this describe you?

  • Need a time estimate for that next big project?
  • Could use a reality check on that ambitious @today list?
  • Maybe you’d like to track billable hours?
  • Or perhaps you’re simply a lifelogger, Pomodoro counter or all-around Time Nazi?

WorkFlowy and WFcount offer a simple solution: Time Tags


What is a Time Tag?

It’s a WorkFlowy tag, starting with “#” followed by any number of digits, and ending with an ‘h’ for hours or an ‘m’ for minutes. Like this:

  • #2h = 2 hours
  • #15m = 15 minutes
  • Combine them: #2h #15m = 2 hours, 15 minutes
  • This works too: #135m

Just Click to Count

With a single click, the WFcount bookmarklet adds up the visible Time Tags and displays the total time.
Time Tag Examples

Simple. Intuitive. Fast.

Veritably WorkFlowy-ish!


Go to the original WFcount blog post.

Time Output Option:

The default output format is:
“Total Time = 2h 15m”.

If you’d like hours only (perhaps to plug into a spreadsheet) you can edit the bookmarklet code as follows: Near the beginning, change “timeFormat=0” to “timeFormat=1”.

With this setting, WFcount will generate hours out to two decimal places like this:
“Total Hours = 2.25”

Happy Time Tagging!

Count Stuff in WorkFlowy

With the WFcount Bookmarklet.

Von Tag!

…Two Tags!

……Tree Tags!

………Ah, Ah, Ah!

WFcount can count like a purple Muppet (only just WorkFlowy stuff, like bullets, parents, children, completed items and tags).

It works on a very simple premise: count what is visible. So you control what gets counted by expanding, collapsing and zooming on bullets. Then click on the bookmarklet to get a summary of your counts.

Update Feb 9, 2016: Now with Time Tags!

Here’s what it looks like…

WFcount Bookmarklet


  • When zoomed, double clicking the bullet title will toggle expand/collapse of all children.
  • When viewing your WorkFlowy home page, double clicking “workflowy” will do the same. (Handy if you want to count everything in your WorkFlowy castle.)
  • Alternately, either zoomed or from your Home page, you can search for “@ OR #” (no quotes) to reveal all your tags. This method can be preferable to expanding all, especially if you wish to preserve the expand/collapse state of some of your nodes.

Installation Options:

1) WFcount: Desktop

  • Opens in a small browser window (see the screenshot above)
  • Can selectively copy count information.
  • Leave the window open and it will append count summaries in that window.
  • Monospace font
  • Click here for a link you can drag to your Bookmarks Bar.

2) iWFcount: Mobile or Desktop

  • Displays counts in an alert dialog.
  • Good option for “quick view” where you don’t need to copy.
  • For Desktop Install: Triple click the code below to select it, then drag to your Bookmarks Bar. Rename the bookmark.
  • For Mobile Install: Bookmark this page, and save it to your favorites folder.
  • Select all the code in the box below and copy it to the clipboard.

iOS Tip: Press, hold, and release on “javascript” to select it, then gently swipe down on the right grabber, until you see only the left grabber and then copy.

  • Open the bookmarks menu and edit the bookmark you just created.
  • Clear the URL/Address field, and paste the code you copied above.
  • Save your changes and exit out of the bookmarks menu.

View: WFcount source code

Happy counting arithmomaniacs! Ah, Ah, Ah!

Flat WorkFlowy Lists

I love WorkFlowy.  Dump your brain into this versatile web-app. Tame it with intuitive and flexible outlines. Tag to connect the disconnected. Zoom to focus. Power in simplicity. What’s not to love?

While WorkFlowy’s standard tag/text search is great for showing context and relationships, there are times you don’t want the noise of an outline. You just need a simple, flat list.

Meet FlatFlowy.

FlatFlowy is a bookmarklet that hides the “breadcrumb” header, removes indentation, hides parents, and (optionally) hides notes. The result is a simple, flat, distraction-free list when searching for tags or text in WorkFlowy. It works as a toggle; click once for flat lists, and again to return to the standard view. FlatFlowy is compatible with most browsers, even mobile ones.

There are two versions: Show Notes and Hide Notes. Which one you choose will depend on how you structure things in WorkFlowy. You can install both to test (or use). As of version 1.7, you can run both simultaneously; no page reload is required.

I use the Show Notes version, and here’s why: When a search yields a ton of matches, FlatFlowy can dramatically reduce the number of items to scan. You can easily toggle to view context. The Hide Notes version will omit any matches in notes, so you may not see complete search results in flat view.

View the FlatFlowy code

Big Hat Tip To: the fabulous Erica Heinz for the original CSS and screenshot. Thanks Erica!


  • Flat mode takes effect only while searching for tags or text.
  • You can open two WorkFlowy tabs and keep one flat, one standard.
  • A page refresh (F5) always clears FlatFlowy’s custom stylesheet.
  • FlatFlowy doesn’t work when viewing shared content via a shared link.
  • Important! Don’t move or multi-edit items while viewing a flat list. Since some content is hidden, you could get unexpected results.
  • Launch FlatFlowy with the keyboard in Chrome with this tip.
  • In the Show Notes version, a match in notes will not show a bullet, making clicking on a nonexistent bullet, uh, difficult. Click on the note text and press Alt+Right to zoom from flat mode.
  • FlatFlowy doesn’t work with WorkFlowy’s special search operators.

Desktop Installation:

Drag to the bookmarks bar.

  1. Make sure your bookmarks bar is showing.
  2. Open FlatFlowy’s desktop installation page.

Mobile Installation:

Create and edit the bookmark manually:

  1. Bookmark this page, and save it to your favorites folder.
  2. Select all the code in one of the boxes below and copy it to the clipboard.

    iOS Tip: Press, hold, and release on “javascript” to select it, then gently swipe down on the right grabber, until you see only the left grabber and then copy.

    This version hides notes in flat mode:

    javascript:(function(){version='FlatFlowy v1.8 Hide Notes, CSS_Toggler_v1_2';var cssDomain='workflowy.com';var css64='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';var cssLink='data:text/css;base64,'+css64;if(location.href.indexOf(cssDomain)==-1){return;}var ss=document.styleSheets;for(var i=0,max=ss.length;i<max;i++){if(ss[i].href==cssLink){if(ss[i].disabled==false){void(ss.item(i).disabled=true);}else{void(ss.item(i).disabled=false);}return;}}var addStyle=document.createElement('link');addStyle.rel='stylesheet';addStyle.href=cssLink;document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(addStyle);})();

    This version shows notes in flat mode:

    javascript:(function(){version='FlatFlowy v1.8 Show Notes, CSS_Toggler_v1_2';var cssDomain='workflowy.com';var css64='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';var cssLink='data:text/css;base64,'+css64;if(location.href.indexOf(cssDomain)==-1){return;}var ss=document.styleSheets;for(var i=0,max=ss.length;i<max;i++){if(ss[i].href==cssLink){if(ss[i].disabled==false){void(ss.item(i).disabled=true);}else{void(ss.item(i).disabled=false);}return;}}var addStyle=document.createElement('link');addStyle.rel='stylesheet';addStyle.href=cssLink;document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(addStyle);})();
  3. Open the bookmarks menu and edit the bookmark you just created.
  4. Edit the title to whatever you want.
  5. Clear the URL/Address field, and paste the code you copied above.
  6. Save your changes and exit out of the bookmarks menu.

Happy flat flowing!

WorkFindy: Search WorkFlowy from Anywhere

From any website or Workflowy page. Select text or enter it. Simple. Surprisingly useful.

WorkFlowy’s excellent search feature confines search to the current bullet and below. When you are zoomed on your “Work” node, you only search (or filter) on Work, and in most cases that is a good thing.

But what if you are zoomed multiple levels deep and need to search all of WorkFlowy for a tag or phrase? Maybe you’re browsing a website, and need to search WorkFlowy?

What is WorkFindy?

  • A Google Chrome Extension that makes searching WorkFlowy a snap.
    (also available as a bookmarklet for non-Chrome browsers)
  • WorkFindy always searches ‘globally’ from your WorkFlowy home page.
  • Select text and WorkFindy searches for your selection.
  • With no text selected, enter search terms into a prompt.
  • Inside WorkFlowy: results appear instantly in the same tab.
  • Outside WorkFlowy: results open in a new WorkFlowy tab.
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut at the bottom of the Chrome Extensions page. Do this! It really helps. I use ‘Alt+W’, and never click the icon.

Where is WorkFindy?

  • Get WorkFindy in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Get the bookmarklet here.

View the WorkFindy bookmarklet code.


  • WorkFindy makes a great WorkFlowy launcher.
  • To launch your home page: activate WorkFindy with no selection, immediately press Enter or click OK.
  • Or simply enter search terms to get somewhere in WorkFlowy faster.
  • Convert a “child” search into a global search: Select the search box text and activate WorkFindy.
  • Slow computer and/or huge outline? Tired of waiting for search results with each key press? Use WorkFindy instead for instant searching when you say so.

Happy Finding!