Clip To WorkFlowy

Update March 2019: Read all about version 2.0 here.

Do you bookmark a lot of webpages in WorkFlowy? Looking for an easy way to create links between distant WorkFlowy bullets? Clip To WorkFlowy to the rescue. With a single click, the webpage title and url get captured, formatted and copied to the clipboard for one easy paste into WorkFlowy. Paste into any browser, the Chrome app or the mobile apps.

Clip To WorkFlowy comes in three flavors: Google Chrome Extension, bookmarklet, and the Workflow App for iOS.

1) Google Chrome Extension:


  • The webpage title becomes a WorkFlowy bullet item, and the url appears in the note.
  • Optionally activate with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Special formatting for intra-WorkFlowy links.
  • No special permissions and no persistent memory footprint.
  • Select text on the page, and it appears in the note below the link.
  • Find it in the Chrome Web Store

2) Bookmarklet:

  • Supports selected text, which appears after the url in the WorkFlowy note.
  • New in version 2.5! Automatically copies to the clipboard. No more prompt. You manually paste into a new WorkFlowy bullet.
  • Special formatting for intra-WorkFlowy links.
  • Get the bookmarklet here.

3) Shortcut for iOS:


  • Access through the iOS Share Menu
  • Supports selected text
  • Works in Safari and apps that use the in-app Safari browser.
  • Automatically copies and launches WorkFlowy in Safari so you can paste.
  • Special formatting for intra-WorkFlowy links.
  • Get Clip To WorkFlowy for Shortcuts (Version updated May 28, 2019)

Happy Clipping!

15 thoughts on “Clip To WorkFlowy

  1. Hey Rawbytz you should put these up on Github. I’d like to start a network of hacks — I’m working on an extension too — so these would compliment each other nicely. Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much, I’ve been dying for this functionality for ages! Do you think it would be hard to modify the bookmarklet to have it do the same for every tab in the current window?

      Again, amazing work ❤


  2. As mentioned in your update, your extension (Clip to WorkFlowy) gives control over where you paste your clipping, without having to redefine your (WorkFlowy Clipper) inbox before heading to your web pages. My workflow remains the same – using your clipper to both clip internal WorkFlowy links as well as web pages – except on the rare occasion where I clearly need to clip multiple web pages to a specific list – that’s what the other extension does a good job at. Thanks Rawbytz!


  3. Thanks for Clip to Workflowy. I am using it constantly. I just discovered this blog and will subscribe. Workflowy is pretty good by itself, but you Rawbytz and the other contributors are making it even better.


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