Special Note: Clip To WorkFlowy Bookmarklet and Google Chrome

Google Chrome (cousin Opera too) limits the amount of text in a JavaScript prompt to 2000 characters. The bookmarklet checks for Chrome and checks the size of the clip.

If you select a large amount of text and the clip exceeds 2000 characters, Clip To WorkFlowy bypasses this normal prompt:


Instead, it will open your WorkFlowy home page in a new tab and it will look like this:


Woah! That’s a little frightening. Fear not.

Clip To WorkFlowy is performing a little trick to get around Chrome’s restriction. It’s using WorkFlowy’s search box to store the string you normally copy from the prompt. Since WorkFlowy can’t find that string, you see a blank home page.

Select all the text in the search box (triple clicking works nicely) and then cut it (Ctrl/Cmd+X) to the clipboard. After you’ve cut, your homepage will magically reappear and you can paste your monster clip. I’ve tested this up 75,000 characters. You probably won’t need that much.

This only affects Chrome and Opera.