Clip To WorkFlowy v2.0

Clip To WorkFlowy just got a long overdue update. For awhile now, there actually have been two versions of the extension… the second one is called Clip To WorkFlowy GO. Well, all the “GO” goodness is being rolling into the original, and GO is being retired. It still works the same…. web page title in the bullet with the url tucked into the note.

What’s NEW?

The “GO” part…

The extension will search your existing Chrome tabs and windows looking for WorkFlowy, and automatically go to the first one it finds. If there are none, it creates a new WorkFlowy tab and goes there. If you are using WorkFlowy’s Desktop app, well then we need to talk about all the reasons you shouldn’t… but I digress. If you are using the Desktop App this feature may annoy you, so you can turn it off in Options.

The “GO” back part…

There is also a new keyboard shortcut called “Toggle Last Tab”. This makes quick work of returning to the tab you just clipped. It also works throughout Chrome, so make sure you set the shortcut and remember it!
To set the keyboard shortcuts Right Click the extension icon and select “Options”.

Selected Text. Finally.

Sorry it took so long, but now you can select text on the web page and it appears in your WorkFlowy note after the url. When you do, the url will be prepended with an ellipsis, giving a visual indicator there is more text to see.

A Little Customization for Internal WorkFlowy Links

You can customize the “See: ” text to your liking, and toggle the “Disable tags” feature too. Also when, you clip inside WorkFlowy, you’ll see a “toast” banner message confirming your clip is ready for pasting.

That’s it! Get it here. Happy clipping, Workflowians.


4 thoughts on “Clip To WorkFlowy v2.0

  1. Nice work! Just one piece of feedback: Toggle Last Tab seems to only work within one window, so it doesn’t work for me, since I keep WorkFlowy in a separate window.


    1. Thanks. My first attempt to add window support to Toggle Last Tab just made the whole feature more unreliable. So I peeled back to support single window only… which itself isn’t perfect, there are some situations it doesn’t account for. Anyway multiple window support is on the todo list.

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    1. Thanks Dan… I did look at that a while ago… will give it another look. In addition to multiple tabbed Chrome Windows (which I believe CLUT supports), I hope to support windows created via More Tools > Create Shortcut. These are a relatively new type of “popup” window…. with no tabs, addressbar and bookmarks bar, BUT with full access to Chrome extensions. I’m able to find and go to them with my WorkFindy+ extension (not yet publicly released) so I think it’s doable.


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