WorkFlowy to NEW Google Calendar

The WorkFlowy to Google Calendar Chrome extension has been updated to support the new Google Calendar format.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is I haven’t figured out how to hack into Google’s Quick Add parser using the same lightweight, no permissions method as before. So for now, I’ve opted to keep things light and permission-free. The trade-offs are:

  • No date parsing, new events default to today, in the next half hour time slot.
  • Default event duration is hard coded at 30 minutes.
  • Selected text has been disabled.
  • In the future, date parsing is possible, but it will require an extensive rewrite.

If you have the extension installed it will update automatically. If not, head to the Chrome Web Store.

But I’m classic!

If you are still clinging to Classic Google Calendar, install the WorkFlowy to Classic Google Calendar bookmarklet. Enjoy all that date parsing magic while it lasts.

But I don’t like extensions!

Likewise, if you don’t use Chrome or extensions, but are using the New Google Calendar, install this WorkFlowy to Google Calendar bookmarklet.


9 thoughts on “WorkFlowy to NEW Google Calendar

  1. Sort of related, but in a reverse way…. do you have or can you link to a js bookmarklet that will insert a timestamp while in a text field? Preferably in a complete date plus hours and minutes format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD (2014-11-05T08:15:30-05:00 corresponds to November 5, 2014, 8:15:30 am, US Eastern Standard Time.)


        1. For some reason, this won’t work – at all.

          Whereas the TagIndex bookmarklet works fine.

          I’ve tried to recopy using different methods – in case there was an errant linebreak introduced, for example. Still no go. Javascript is enabled in my Chrome, and Chrome is at latest patch as of this post. Any ideas what’s going sideways?


        2. What browser? Some lock down the copy function. A quick way to determine if that is the culprit, is to edit the code. Near the very end replace “copyMe” with “alert” (case-sensitive!) If it doesn’t work there is probably an encoding error.


  2. Nevermind. I didn’t see the fine print where it says it copies the iso8601 datestamp *into the buffer*; I need to do a little more work, like CTRL-v to actually put/paste. #herpderp


      1. Nah, no need. I’ve been futzin’ with it. I kinda like how I can customize it to trim off the micro-secs and change the delimiter myself. May create one for pasting and look into figuring out the auto-paste myself (trying to bring some skills current).


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