WorkFlowy’s “Your Past Week” Report

WorkFlowy has a nifty report feature called “Your Past Week”, and while I’d never officially received one*, on occasion I’d see a screen shot of one from some lucky soul on the twitter. It looks like this:

I want one! How do I do this?

As it turns out, it’s simple to generate one for yourself on demand. Just go here and install the bookmarklet.

Feel free to get braggadocios about YOUR past week in comments.

*I haven’t actually been using WorkFlowy for 373 weeks, and I suspect that may be the reason they haven’t sent me a weekly report yet. 373 weeks would be November 2010, which the best I can tell is WorkFlowy’s date of birth. I first registered in the fall of 2012 (275 weeks?), then became a Pro member in January of 2013… so I’m in my sixth year of WorkFlowy.


5 thoughts on “WorkFlowy’s “Your Past Week” Report

  1. Clear your cookies or login from a fresh session in incognito. I’m on a shared computer so I see it almost everytime I load the homepage.


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