Clip To WorkFlowy GO

Here’s the latest version of the Clip To WorkFlowy Chrome extension: Clip To WorkFlowy GO. For now, there will be two versions. I need to make one of the new features optional, so until then there will be two versions of Clip To WorkFlowy. Read on to see which version is for you.

So What’s New?

Find Tab and Go

When you activate the extension, it copies the page title and url as usual, but now it looks at your open tabs, and automatically goes to the first WorkFlowy tab it finds. If none are found, it creates a new one and takes you there. Then paste where desired as before.

Note: If you use WorkFlowy in the Chrome app or a separate window, this feature may annoy you; stick with the current version. If you use multiple tabs in a single Chrome window, definitely go with Clip To WorkFlowy GO.

Toggle Last Tab

This toggles between your current and previous tabs. So after pasting your clip, activate your toggle shortcut, and quickly return your source page. This feature is independent of the clipper function; you may find it handy everywhere in Chrome. That said, the toggle code isn’t perfect; in a few specific scenarios it fails to properly identify the last tab. But when used in conjunction with Find Tab and Go, it should work properly every time.

Toggle Last Tab is available only by a keyboard shortcut you set in the Keyboard shortcuts link at the bottom of chrome://extensions. There are now two keyboard shortcuts to define. Activate the extension copies the title and url to the clipboard, and then goes to (or creates) your WorkFlowy tab.

What’s coming in the full release?

  • Option to turn off Find Tab and Go for WorkFlowy Chrome App users.
  • Selected Text. Any text selected on the page will be appended to the WorkFlowy note after the link.
  • Option to disable internal WorkFlowy link formatting.
  • Option to disable “tag neutering” in internal WorkFlowy links.

Get Clip To WorkFlowy GO here.


5 thoughts on “Clip To WorkFlowy GO

  1. Nice work! Need help with the shortcut.
    How to Toggle Last Tab in the newer versions of Chrome? I can’t find where to add a shortcut to the clipper extension


    1. They moved it. Click on the “hamburger” icon in the upper left corner of the extensions page. You can also open a new tab and type in: chrome://extensions/shortcuts


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