WorkFlowy to Google Calendar v2.0

My WorkFlowy to Google Calendar Chrome extension has updated to version 2.0 with some nice enhancements. WorkFlowy to Google Calendar let’s you quickly create Google Calendar events from WorkFlowy bullets.

Just zoom on a bullet, click the toolbar icon, and let Google Calendar’s Quick Add parser do the rest of the work:


Version 2.0 adds the following features:

Works on any webpage, not just WorkFlowy.

Select event info on any webpage and utilize Google Calendar’s powerful Quick Add parser to intelligently add events, and reduce the time you spend typing.


Keyboard Shortcut Capable!

Scroll to the bottom of chrome://extensions to define your own keyboard shortcut. (I use Alt+G) If desired, you can hide the extension icon in the toolbar by right clicking the icon and selecting “Hide in Chrome Menu”, and be done with all that pesky icon clicking. See Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome Extensions for more info.

Update Sept 10, 2016: Now with right click menu access too!

Add your event to any calendar on the first try!

Previously WorkFlowy to Google Calendar was restricted to your default calendar. In order to change calendars you had to save the event first, and then edit it again. Now you can change the calendar without having to edit the event twice.

The rest of WorkFlowy to Google Calendar’s goodness is still there.

  • Google Calendar’s powerful Quick Add parser automatically defines the what, where, and when.
  • Override the bullet or page title by selecting text on the page instead.
  • WorkFlowy to Google Calendar will always automatically put a handy link back to your WorkFlowy bullet (or webpage) in the event note.
  • A great way to create alarms for WorkFlowy items!

Head over to the Chrome Web Store for more details and installation. If you’ve already installed the extension, it will update automatically.

No Google Chrome? Get the bookmarklet version instead.


17 thoughts on “WorkFlowy to Google Calendar v2.0

  1. This is really great. I hate to be picky but have 2 requests.

    1) is there a way to activate it by right clicking on a workflowy item (so I can add an item even if it isn’t the top)? I suspect not because you use the URL.

    2) is there a way to have it default to my Google Task List calendar?


    1. 1) That’s very doable, but this thing is just a few lines of JavaScript, and I’m inclined to keep it that way. Sorry. There is a decent workaround: you can triple click the text in the bullet to select it, then right click and select “Send to Calendar”. The selected text will override the parent title, but you’ll still end up with the parent url in the note. (of course you can do the same with Ctrl+A and then the keyboard shortcut for the extension if you have it setup.)

      2) A form of this is on the roadmap… in fact I’m using a custom version that I’ve hard coded with my calendarIDs. It looks for certain WorkFlowy tags (can be keywords) and automatically assigns the event to specific calendars based on that. At some point, I intend to add this, but it’s going to require an Options page… and I’ve been attracted to shinier objects. The potential issue with your request: Are you using the built-in Reminders calendar (formerly Tasks) or have you created a ‘normal’ calendar which is your Task List? Let me know. If it’s the latter, I know of a relatively easy way to accomplish what you want.


      1. Thanks for the reply. As for #2 – I’m not currently using a task list on my calendar. I keep Workflowy open for that (filtered by a date tag or #TODAY) However I was thinking of the TASK calendar that shows up on the right side (not as a different color in the days section). But I’m open to your work around for using a normal calendar for task list.


  2. Try this bookmarklet to test out the code. Select all the js and drag it to your bookmarks bar.

    javascript:(function(){var calendarID="";var select=window.getSelection().toString();if(select){var eventTitle=select;}else{var eventTitle=(document.title.replace(/ - WorkFlowy$/,""));}""+encodeURIComponent(eventTitle)+"&details="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&src="+calendarID+"&location=");})();

    You’ll need to identify calendarID in GCal and then edit the calendarID variable in the bookmarklet:

  3. • Create your calendar.
  4. • In the dropdown menu on the left GCAL menu select “Calendar settings”.
  5. • 2/3 the way down you’ll find the calendarID, it looks like this:
  6. • Copy the 26 character string, and paste it over the xxxxx.. string in the bookmarklet code.

    Now go ahead and test it. There are some other tweaks for cleaning up remnants from your #today and date tags.


    1. Nope, this is designed for incorrect formats only. 😉

      All the date parsing magic happens on the Google servers. This input method is ‘dumb’, as in the servers don’t know anything about you or what your preferred date format is. They just try to make an educated guess from a string of text. And in your case, they guess wrong for the first 12 days of the month. I know that 28-01-2017 will work, but 01-02-2017 won’t. Flipping the format to 2017-02-01 should be 100% and so would 01-Feb-2017. Sorry.


    1. Sort of. “are working on” and “navigation panel” are not quite accurate. 😉

      What I had been working on is a major update to WorkFindy… called WorkFindy+. I was actively working on it during the last months of 2016, and unfortunately I’ve done virtually nothing in 2017. My hope is resume in the next 3-4 wks, and try and get a semi-public beta out in the Chrome Web Store.

      So what is it? It has the original WorkFindy functionality with two major additions. The first is “Keyword Launching”. So, much like text expansion shortcuts, you can define keywords (or just 1 or 2 letters!) to launch WorkFlowy nodes, WF searches, external URLs, and even bookmarklets. So basically, with the single WorkFindy+ keyboard shortcut, you can launch a ton of stuff using a custom keyword scheme that is “your-brain” friendly.

      The second major feature is “FTAG”, which stands for “find tab and go”. So after you input your keyword or search, WorkFindy+ looks at your existing Chrome tabs and either updates your existing tab, goes to a matching tab elsewhere, or creates a new one if none exist and goes there.

      Right now there are a handful of testers using a limited feature set (keyword launching), and all feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I use it scores of times daily, and I’m confident a lot of WorkFlowy users are going to find it useful too. There are some more advanced searching features planned as well.


      1. It sounds like one of those extensions that, once we start using it, we wonder how we could have ever used Workflowy without it, like Clip to Workflowy (I think I use that almost 100 times a day).


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