How Many WorkFlowy Bullets Do I Have?

UPDATE: WorkFlowy remembers the expand/collapse state of your last view for each bullet, and that’s a nice thing. This post has been updated with a new method that will not alter these expand/collapse states.

I recommend you read all the instructions before clicking the search link in Step #1.

1) Click on this WorkFlowy search.

This will enter last-changed:10000d in WorkFlowy’s home page search box, finding every bullet you’ve edited or created in the last 10,000 days. That should cover things. Have some patience, it may take a few seconds to render your last 27 years of work.

2) Type Ctrl+A twice to select all bullets (use Cmd for Mac).

3) Look at the right pop up menu to revel in your bullet proclivity.

Bullet Proclivity

4) Press Esc to clear the search.

* The last-changed: search operator automatically toggles to Completed:Visible. If you want to count only incomplete bullets, click the toolbar to toggle back to Completed:Hidden and repeat Step #2.

Select Completed Status

Bonus Tip: Count all the bullets under a single bullet

  • Zoom on the bullet
  • Enter last-changed:10000d in the search box
  • Press Tab to move focus away from the Search box
  • Repeat from Step #2.

Happy counting!


8 thoughts on “How Many WorkFlowy Bullets Do I Have?

  1. Mine was 7621. I wonder what the average is. While you are there, any thoughts about how to include links to folder using Workflowy on a Windows system? I’ve tried file:///[C;folder], but that opens in Chrome rather than Windows.


    1. I think the best way in Windows without any utilities is to copy the path to the clipboard. (They can be the browser capable “file:///” variety or the standard file explorer “C:\Users” format.) Launch Run via Win+R. Paste and press enter to launch your file or folder. You can automate that process further using AutoHotKey or Phrase Express.


  2. I thought that features like these would be helpful and could have used them, especially expanding and collapsing all lists at the same time, but was not aware that they existed. Thanks rawbytz.


  3. This got me to thinking about I have to do same math to get *my* bullet count, because I am very promiscuous in my sharing, as it were. So I’m counting *other* people’s bullets too.

    I think I’m going to drop a feature request over at the main WorkFlowy site and ask for an option to similar to “Completed:Visible” but for shared pages e.g. “Shared:Hidden/Visible”.

    If I read the CSS right on one of my Stylish, I think I could accomplish it with a .style, but that means toggling the extension just for a count whereas the approach like Completed is straightforward and faster.


  4. whoops…. I meant “embedded” as in “inbound shares”.

    You want to see sumpin funky, search on “-is:shared” while using FlatFlowy. As y

    Oh and I am sick of typing my fingers to nubs writing “Workflowy Bookmarklet” and decided to coin the portmanteau: “Worklet”.

    You’re welcome.


  5. Great trick! Be sure you don’t put in the comma when you enter ‘Last-Changed:” Because it looks to me like the comma disrupts the search, so that “Last-Changed:10,000d” is read as “last 10 days”.


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