WorkFlowy Export Got More Flowy

WorkFlowy has added a “click to download” option to the Export List form. In addition to the old method of manually copying (& pasting), you now have the option to download a file with a single click. Nice.

Every picture tells a story…


To access Export, hover over any bullet:

Happy exporting!


3 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Export Got More Flowy

  1. Hey Rawbytz,

    what this now enables you to do quite easily is import the OPML file into other app. Do yourself a favor and check out

    You can export any WorkFlowy list into Mindomo… and you see it as a mind map. Unfortunately, the only thing that doesn’t make it across are your notes… but it’s worth a tinker 🙂


  2. My issue was how to take a Workflowy outline and make it look pretty much similar in Evernote (all on OSX). For me, the simplest answer I could find was to use this Export to HTML. Then I open the HTML in Open Office. Then I copy and paste to Evernote. Surely this could be simpler…


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